What are the peakmarkers made out of?

They are solid metal and have a nice hefty feel to them. I don't know what kind of metal but can only assume there is no value in the metal itself. They are colored to look like pewter or bronze/brass but I am not willing to promise that they are made from those metals. They are 2" in diameter and 3 mm thick.

Do you do custom engraving?

No. We used to do it but it became too much of a burden with my extensive travel schedule. I spend about three months a year in a tent and another three months in a hotel somewhere in the world as I chase my climbing and skiing dreams. I recommend that you use a local engraver such as a trophy shop. They will typically charge about $5-8 to add the relevant info - peak name, elevation, state name, etc. My peakmarkers are laser engraved and I suggest you show your engraver my website so they can see what the finished product is supposed to look like. The font is Ariel.

I think your elevation is incorrect.

I do my best to ensure accurate and up-to-date elevations. I've seen peaks with four and even five benchmarks at the top and each one has a different elevation. I recently climbed Long's Peak and the sign at the bottom disagreed with the benchmark at the top and some claim that both of these figures are wrong. In my opinion it shouldn't matter that much; we aren't saving lives, just walking up big hills and using the benchmark to remember a great experience. If you are really worried about my number then I recommend you buy a blank marker and have it engraved with your elevation.

How do I best display my peakmarker?

Google "Military challenge coin display case" and you will see an incredible choice of display cases.

What if I don't like my peakmarker when I receive it?

You are welcome to send it back for a full refund. I've only had one returned yet and that was due to the person not realizing what size they were.

Can I contact you with other questions?

Sure! My email address is heliskier402@aol.com and my cell phone is 402-304-1257. I will answer your emails very quickly unless I'm hanging out on a distant mountain somewhere with no internet connection. In that case my wife answers them for me but she takes a little longer. If you don't have an answer in 48 hours then something went wrong so please re-send your email.